helping passionate spa and salon owners, directors, & managers develop the Leadership mindset and structure necessary to take their businesses to the next level quickly, without sacrificing their sanity.


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Ready to take your business (and life!) to the next level?  This popular experience will get you exactly where you need to! Perfect for both current and future industry leaders.

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Elevate your energy. Elevate your business. Elevate your life.

Weekly trainings to keep you uplifted while you grow the empire of your dreams.

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Want to know what goes on in the brain of someone obsessed with making the world a better place through the magic of human touch? Dive in for some ideas and inspiration.

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Who's Running this Show?

Hi! I'm Emily. I believe the world needs your hands. You help people discover the best version of themselves so they are able to share their own gifts with the world. To me, that's magic.


"Emily has helped tremendously with the growth of my business!  She is able to give you the tools needed to help you prioritize what needs to be done so your business can reach its full potential."

— Elizabeth Aiello, Owner Creative Lash & Makeup Design