Who I Am


Emily McBrayer

Guest Experience Engineer, Designer of Legendary Services, Advocate for Human Touch, Passionate Believer in the Power of Feeling Beautiful


To help beauty and massage professionals turn their passions into thriving businesses, so they are able to reach more people with the healing power of touch and the life changing magic of looking and feeling beautiful. 


My life was changed in a spa, both by being a client and running the business. There is nothing more transformational than feeling beautiful, relaxed, comfortable in your skin. Except for coming face to face with exactly who you are as a leader while running a business. 

I fell in love with both experiences. And I want to help you do the same. 

I want you to feel the exhilaration that comes from running a thriving business that is bringing joy to hundreds or thousands of clients. 

I want you to tap into your creativity just by being a client, then harness that energy to design the business and life experience you dream of.

I believe the world needs the power that is in your hands. Let's unleash it.


  • Designer and Spa Director at The Spa at Oak Haven Resort from inception and opening in 2005 until leaving in 2016
  • Created spa services and menu that were featured in several national magazines
  • Won "Best Of" awards 7 years running
  • Client list of over 30,000 after starting with zero
  • Increased revenue year after year even though we only raised rates ONCE during my time as Spa Director
  • Cultivated a sense of team and family so strong we have zero turnover for 5 years
  • Designed highly anticipated spa events that sold out in hours 
  • Worked as primary Licensed Massage Therapist, in addition to business design and Spa Director, for first 3 years of the business
  • Have worked with hundreds of professionals to create their dream businesses with huge success