The fastest way to grow your business.

The fastest way to grow your business.

The #1 fastest way to grow a business:

Create a unique, life changing experience in which the client gets precisely what they want without even asking, for every single service you do.

Does this seem like too much to ask from a single haircut or massage? Do I sound insane? Don't worry I get that all the time, I take it as a compliment.

So moving on assuming you are sticking with me, even if insane. How does one go about creating a this life changing experience for everyone all the time?

It's all about the intention. A specific intention.

When you set this very specific intention for the outcome of the service everything changes. It changes what you do and say. It changes the way the client receives the service and what they feel. It allows you to tap into your creative genius and perform magic for your client.

I discovered this little bit of magic accidentally way back when I had no idea what I was doing or how to create a business and barely knew how to give a massage. All I knew to do was hope the person enjoyed their service. Every time I put my hands on someone I felt like the entire success of the business, other people's jobs, all of it would be destroyed if this one person didn't love their experience. 

*Please note I know now this was a ridiculous level of pressure to put on myself and I do not recommend you do the same.

So before I began a service I more or less said a prayer that they would enjoy the experience. Then I almost chanted in my mind the outcome I was intending: that this be the best massage they had ever received. 

And it worked. People were blown away by a brand new massage therapist at a brand new business. I quickly went from zero clients, literally just beginning, to 6-8 requested clients per day. 

As time went on and I realized the intention was creating the magic, I amped it up. Instead of just hoping the person had the best massage of their life, I set the intention for much more.

I set the intention that the person would get whatever they needed from their time with me and at the spa to live their best life. No matter what they needed, to feel empowerd or emotional support or healing or to feel beautiful or to feel worthy, I expected them to get it.

When I made this shift in energy and began setting a full intention for the whole business, we grew by leaps and bounds. It was astounding. We started winning awards, got in national magazines, stopped losing clients to competition, attracted the best people to join the team, and much more.

This intention became the backbone of the entire business. It informed who I hired, how we advertised, what treatment I designed, which products we sold. The intention is everything.

To get the same results, set this intention before every single client, at the beginning of each day, anytime you have to make a business decision, or whenever you feel overwhelmed:

It is my intention that each and every client receive exactly what they need from every experience with me/us to live their best life.

When the intention is set, trust that the answer or thought or whatever comes to you is the right thing. That may be the hardest part, so we will talk more about that later ;-)

Go and set your intention and watch the magic unfold!

Let me know in the comments what you feel about this or how you can implement it in your business!

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