"Is this all you do?"

"Is this all you do?"

 I was in the middle of giving a massage, really in the flow of it. You know, quiet room, music, totally in your zone. Out of nowhere the guy says, "Is this all you do? Do you have another job? Are you in school?".

My hands froze. WTF, is this all I do?! He's is literally paying me triple digits to do this apparent non-job. It was infuriating. It was demoralizing.

At the time, I wasn't even "just" a massage therapist. I was also the full time Spa Director of a brand new resort spa, trying to figure how the hell to manage a team, learn about marketing, get clients, order stock, and all the other things...while I was taking full time massage clients. So, sure this is all I fucking do, this job at this spa, I wanted to scream.

But I didn't say any of that. I simply said yes and kept working.

There were many other times over the years when people said similar things, clearly believed what I was doing was easy, truly undervalued who I was as a person and leader. 

It made me feel and act small. I became quieter about my personal accomplishments. I faded into the background of the spa, even though I was running it, even though it was super successful. It took me years to come back to myself, my confidence, and unleash my voice. 

Yes, this is all I fucking do!

Here's the truth you need to remember: The beauty, wellness, massage industry is special. It's miraculous, transformative, healing. All of it, no matter what your place in it, is magic. There is magic in your hands.

It's a huge multi-billion dollar industry because people are starved for human touch and interaction. They are willing to pay top dollar because what happens to them when in your presence is nothing short of astounding.

You turn a bad day into a good one. Grant a new lease on life after a tough breakup, simply with a new haircut. Hold space to let someone grieve and cry even when it's as overwhelming for you as it is for them.

So fuck yes it's all we do.

In the final hours of my dad's conscious life, when he told us he was about to leave us even though the doctors said he was stable, all he wanted was to be touched. He had been in a hospital bed for days, struggling for every breath. And he wanted human touch.

So my sisters and I massaged his back and hands. It worked to help calm him, lower his heart rate and blood pressure. It was comfort pure and simple.

Compassionate, loving human touch and interaction is the single greatest gift we can give another person. 

So fuck yes it's all we do.

Don't let anyone dull your shine with their judgements. Instead know that they are likely the ones in the greatest need for healing and touch. And you know they will leave a better person than when they arrived, because that's all you do.

Are you ready to UNLEASH your most confident self, most creative, most authentic self in your business and the world?

The power of true authenticity is what drives the most successful people. You can be one of them.  And we can design a business and life you love around your personality and passions. 

It's fun, it's deep, and bringing out your true self is my soul work and the greatest gift I can give anyone.

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The fastest way to grow your business.

The fastest way to grow your business.