The 3 Questions to Jump-Start Your Marketing

The 3 Questions to Jump-Start Your Marketing

It’s time to make marketing simple.

I know it seems super scary and expensive and time consuming. You are terrified of doing it wrong and especially of saying the wrong thing because of the heaps and heaps of information out there. What should you post on Facebook? Should you use an app to clean up your Instagram page? What is a good topic for my Instagram Stories or Facebook Lives? What even is Tik Tok?

And who the hell has the time to sort this out when you are doing services full time?!

The questions are endless and so are the strategies. I am not knocking any social media strategies or plans. In fact, I use them myself for my business and clients. We all need a plan for the nitty gritty of marketing, especially on social media, so we actually get the results of more clients, more sales, more money, more reach. I’ll talk much more in depth about this later.

Today, I want to focus on taking the stress out of what to say and how to say it with a few simple techniques. I use these in my own marketing and in my writing for clients. No matter where you are marketing or what you are selling (in any industry) these are the questions you need to answer when writing anything your clients read.

Use these for your website, your social media posts, ads, brochures…literally anywhere you are speaking to your client. Trust me you’ll be amazed at how much more effective your marketing is!

What does you customer want to feel, What result do they crave?

This is the one to focus on if you forget anything else I ever say. You aren’t selling services or products, you are selling the feelings and results your client will experience.

EXAMPLE: You want to sell more of a collagen boosting, wrinkle reducing cream so you are putting it in a package that includes your anti-aging facial. When writing the copy for flyers, emails, and social media posts use the feelings your clients will have AFTER the service, rejuvenated, youthful, glowing, etc.

(BONUS TIP: Use your own experience as market research. What did you feel when you used this product or had this service? Those same feelings and results are what your clients are searching for.)

Are you speaking with your authentic voice?

You need to speak to your clients exactly like you would speak to a friend. Never use a fake “voice” in your writing or your clients will know and be completely turned off. This will also draw your ideal clients to you quickly and easily.

EXAMPLE: In your email marketing, use subject lines that feel like you are sending them to a friend instead of corporate speak. “Hey did you book your $49 massage yet?” is much more compelling than “March Specials”.

(BONUS TIP: Marketing is simply speaking to your clients, just like they are in front of you. Don’t make it more than that when you are specifically “marketing” and you are already way ahead of the game.)

What is the value of the thing you are selling, why is it special, why do your customers need it NOW?

Always, always, always clue clients in about the value of what you are selling. More to the point, it needs to have value and you need to know its value. People also need to know why they must have this now and what makes it special. You need to create a craving for this thing you are selling.

EXAMPLE: In your package with an anti-aging facial and take home wrinkle reducing cream the copy could read like this:

Spring Rejuvenation Package

For the month of May only, book the Return to Youth Facial and get our best selling Wrinkle Be Gone moisturizer ($50 value!) FREE!

As a special bonus, you’ll love trying our new add ons, Bedroom Eyes and Collagen Booster, during your facial. ($55 value!)

Package ONLY $149 (total value $255!!!)

Great for Mother’s Day! Space is limited so book yours today!

We highlighted why this is valuable with very specific dollar amounts (and it is truly a discount, never trick your clients). We noted how this is special as well as why clients need it now with limited space available, only in May, great for current holiday.

(BONUS TIP: You need to believe anything and everything you are selling has value, is special, and that your customers need it now. Just forget trying to sell things you don’t believe in, it simply won’t work.)

That’s it! Those are the 3 questions I use all day, every day when I’m writing service menus, website copy, creating marketing, and literally everything else for myself and my clients. Focusing on these things will help boost the effectiveness of any type of marketing campaign.

I can’t wait to hear how this works for you! Let me know if the comments below!

Talk soon!


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The fastest way to grow your business.

The fastest way to grow your business.