Next Level Momentum

For you when you want on-going coaching to develop a ceo mindset and structure to take your business to the next level.

Six months of all encompassing training, coaching, and serious growth. This is simple, strategic, and straight forward. At the same time this is deep work that will surprise, excite, and scare you.

We will review and enhance the experience your customers have at your business in everything from website to policies to interactions with employees.

We will learn all about the experience your team has on a daily basis, how to improve it, how to know what they even need, how to make them happy…and love doing it.

We design your experience as a leader, how to keep your joy up, how to live your passion, how to practice what you preach, how to hold space for the super important life changing work happening at your business.

“OMG!! Spa is on fire!! Loving it!! I can’t thank you enough for your help! I’m kicking ass today!”

Kendra Gibbs, Downtown Smooth Spa

How Next Level Support Works

We schedule a call every other week for 45 minutes. You also have unlimited access to me via email and text. In addition you get access to my calendar to set up emergency calls anytime you need one.

We begin with a deep dive into your business, feel into your vision for your future, and then outline the structure you’ll need to put in place to get there.

Some of what we will focus on during our time together

  • Create the intention for your business, team, and life.

  • Write your vision and mission statements.

  • Discover who exactly is your ideal client, figuring out what they crave, and creating the experience of their dreams.

  • Designing the optimal team experience that makes everyone happy (it really can be done).

  • Writing policies that your team will thank you for, that lay the groundwork for perfect client experiences, and make your life so much easier

  • Learn what to say and how to say it in your marketing to sell anything.

  • Communication that reaches the heart of your ideal client and makes it impossible for them to ignore you (website, service menu, marketing, etc)

  • Grow your client base and email list naturally and quickly.

  • Get the team on the same page, so everyone does the same thing, says what they are supposed to say, sells what they need to sell…easily and quickly.

  • Team retention for the long haul.

  • Prevent or abolish burnout (hint: get more services!)

  • Vision for the future, build it and they will come.

Results That Matter

In the first 3 months of Next Level Momentum coaching, one client had their biggest day of sales, followed by their next biggest, followed by the biggest yet.

Is next level momentum right for You and Your Business?

Let’s chat and find out if you are ready.