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The UNLEASH Experience

The 6 month experience that will UNLEASH your passion & personality so you can grow a unique, thriving business.

You are bored. Deep in your bones, know something is missing, bored.

When you started out you did the safe things, the things everyone told you to do, to get your business off the ground. And it got you a solid client list and decent income.

You had an idea for a super unique business, way back in the day. But it was too "crazy" they told you. So you played it safe, toned it down, tucked away your passion.

It's time to unleash the crazy idea, embrace your passion, show off your personality, and create a thriving business totally unique to you!

So, how does UNLEASH work?

We work together for 6 months, talking via Skype at least every 2 weeks, sometimes more depending on what you need. This is unlimited support so you will have access to me via email anytime as well as a calendar link to schedule a call whenever you need it.

We'll start with by deep diving into your passion, getting to know your personality, discovering your strengths, finding what makes you unique. Then we will package all that into an irresistible business plan, service menu, and brand.

We will find your tribe, the people who are begging for the very thing you are offering. Your authentic marketing plan will be based on speaking to them specifically. In other words, no more bland marketing that gets no one excited, including you.

You will learn how to create new and different services any time you want. Learn how to write drool-worthy descriptions, how to package things so that people can't help but hand you their credit card and then tell everyone they know to come see you.

We'll develop your entire business model with intention so that everything feels 100% authentic and unique to you. 

Best of all, you will be anything but bored. You'll feel energized, excited to go to work. Work won't feel like work, instead it will feel like your dream hobby that also makes you money. Competition is irrelevant because what you are offering simply can not be duplicated. 

Ready to dive in? I'm here when you are.