Who, What, When, Where, & Why



Hi I’m Emily! Welcome to my online space! I’m the owner and founder of The Beauty & Massage Business Design Studio. After designing and running a resort spa in Tennessee for 12 years, I knew it was time for something different, more personal, with a wider reach. So, I quit my day job as a Spa Director and started working with spa and salon owners to create businesses and lives they love.


Strategies and solutions for your dream business, whether you are a solo pro just starting out in booth/room rent searching for clients, a seasoned artist needing to raise rates, or an owner who is ready to become the leader instead of another service provider.


There is no better time, no other time actually, than now. I believe you are gifted, that there is magic in your hands, magic that changes peoples lives. You know the feeling you see on your client’s face when they finish a service and are obviously rejuvenated, glowing, feeling gorgeous? That’s the feeling you should be experiencing every day in your business.


I work with people most often over the phone, email, text, or Skype. However, I do live events as well as in person sessions throughout the year. While I love the freedom our online world has created, I still need (and so do you) in person contact and communication. Let’s get together soon!


This business was born out of equal parts passion and frustration. Passion for the industry and the magic that happens in our businesses. And frustration because of the lack of business knowledge and training most of us receive before we set out on our own.

So many leave the industry demoralized when they can’t make ends meet or figure out how to grow their business. Some get to the point of owning a full salon or spa with a team and clients galore, only to end up burnt out and hating the industry they once loved.

The end result is too few passionate people in this fantastic industry and too many dreams not realized.

I decided to use my hard won knowledge and experience to change that. I don’t want anyone else who is passionate and driven and in love with this industry to leave out of frustration.

My WHY turned into The Beauty & Massage Business Design Studio: to teach you how to turn your passion into a thriving business that feels as good to you as it does to your clients.